Cheryl Joyce Photography: Blog en-us (C) Cheryl Joyce Photography (Cheryl Joyce Photography) Sat, 08 Apr 2017 18:25:00 GMT Sat, 08 Apr 2017 18:25:00 GMT Cheryl Joyce Photography: Blog 120 94 Twice as Nice....   Congratulations! I could not be more excited for these two proud parents of two sweet baby boys!!!

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Katie #classof2016

This sweet young lady comes from a long line of beautiful, smart and talented women. I am so excited for Katie and her future (I know she is excited too). Yay 2016!!

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My handsome son...  Today has been a pretty significant date in my life for a long while now. (sniff sniff) I always take time to reminisce the time (months, hours, minutes) leading up to my first amazing moments with my son. (which was a surprise since we had not found out prior to his born day) I had daydreamed how beautiful my child would be (both inside and out), I had daydreamed about his smile and laugh (which was exactly as I had daydreamed) and I daydreamed about how wonderful life is going to be to be this child's mother. (which has been such a joyful journey) Happy Birthday Elijah!

I love you so much and you will always be my joy!!

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Chase and Aubrey  It is hard to believe summer has really come and gone. Seems like school was just letting out when I had the pleasure to meet up with some good friends for an update photo session of their two sweet kids...I can only stop time with these moments because they just keep growing too fast!!




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Terrific Threes and Terrific Trees!!! (with one of my favs Auryn)  Well this caption says it all! It was a hot day but Auryn always gives me the best smiles! And wow, he is such a terrific three year!

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Happy girls are the Prettiest! {Audrey Hepburn} "Happy girls are the Prettiest!" -Audrey Hepburn


It's the first thing I think of when I see the photo I took of Ms. Bennett. She's HAPPY {of course PRETTY} and LOOK at those fantastic toes!!


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Smart and Sassy Sadie At the start of September I was delighted to photograph a new super sweet client of mine Sadie. Who knew we would be laughing so much but we were. She wants to be an actress one day and well if you need a "Alice" to star in your wonderland she is the one your looking for...








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Endless Summer... I wish it was a endless summer. Oh well, back to school the older kids go. And while Mariko and I our missing them during the day the reality that another year is flying by and I haven't caught up with my own children's I have been busy and I can honestly say a little depressed that my son is graduating from high school. Ugh, I don't want my kids to grow up so fast! So with that said I am posting a few recent photos of my little loves...

I will post some more soon. Love those cuties!!!!

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My adventures with 2 yr.old Auryn On mother's day weekend I had the pleasure to catch up with my 2 yr. old friend Auryn (and his awesome parents) at his new home!

It was excitement enough to visit such a beautiful new house but most exciting to see how much Auryn had grown. You see I photographed his 1 yr. portraits last year and he was such a little sweetheart!


 Well he has grown even more sweet and handsome...

And you know Auryn's is a very busy 2 yr. old most 2 yr.old boys

Adventures of a toddler are moments that count. They grow up fast so don't miss these fun times... Wonder what next year will be like ;)

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Ava and her new baby brother Martin There is nothing like snuggling up to a new baby! Their tiny fingers and toes seem so amazing and the world around us

seems to slow down a bit. So have a new sibling around feels pretty extra special and well Ava is a super help to her mom

and Martin is so happy to have a big sis like her!

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Little Mariko So I have been on personal leave for a few months now spending some quality with this cutie.


Mariko Jolie was born late December and she is such a joy in our home. We are all getting used to the routine of having a baby around and I am starting to get back to what I love to do the most (2nd to motherhood)! 2014 is already busy so be sure to call me or email me sooner rather than later to get on the books!! And I will keep you updated on little Mariko. Thanks again for all your best wishes and love!!

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Tabby is a Big Sister!! Can I tell you how much I have missed my fan families!!!!!! Well I certainly made time to meet Tabby's new little sister.

And let me show you how darling Baby Gwendolyn is!


I think Tabby is going to be the best big sister around!!!!!

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Class of 2014 Graduates I am always excited about my upcoming seniors and this year I have so many special ones!! Please contact me for any specials that I may be running

this fall!!




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